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10 Vintage New Years Resolutions

How have you started your 2015? Perhaps by signing up for a new gym membership, perhaps with a promise to get in touch with family and friends more often or perhaps you’re still stumped for what you want to improve this year.

We looked for some sage advice from some vintage songs, diaries, letters and even advertisements for a little inspiration and rounded up our favourite resolutions…

  1. “Play and sing good, dance better, help win war – beat Fascism.” – Woody Guthrie, ‘New Year’s Rulin’s’, 1943.
  2. “I will tell people not to call in the morning, or not answer the phone.” – Susan Sontag, diary, 1977.
  3. “Keep looking around me — only much more so —observing — but not only myself but others and everything — take things (it) for what they (it’s) are worth.” – Marilyn Monroe, diary, 1955.
  4. “Makeup in privacy, not where he sees you.” – Dating Guide, 1938.
  5. “Things not to worry about: Don’t worry about popular opinion, don’t worry about dolls, don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about growing up, don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you, don’t worry about triumph, don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault, don’t worry about mosquitoes, don’t worry about flies, don’t worry about insects in general, don’t worry about parents. don’t worry about boys, don’t worry about disappointments, don’t worry about pleasures, don’t worry about satisfactions.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, letter to his daughter, 1933.
  6. “A New Year’s Resolution that a man can keep… take a glass of Guinness every day.” – Guinness advertisement, 1935.
  7. “Into each day put 12 parts of faith, 11 parts of patience, 10 of courage, 9 of work, 8 of hope, 7 of fidelity, 6 of liberality, 5 of kindness, 4 of rest, 3 of prayer, 2 of meditation and one well-selected resolution.” – Ocala Motors Inc. advertisement, 1960.
  8. “No New Year’s Resolutions except to make the bed and stop mooning about.” – Christopher Isherwood, diary, 1968.
  9. “Set great goals, daily rest, brief vacations, knowledge of all weaknesses, better use of time.” – Richard Nixon, diary, 1965.
  10. “Do what you’ve never done before, See what you’ve never seen, Feel what you’ve never felt before, Go where you’ve never been.” – Donovan, ‘New Year’s Resolution’, 1970.


Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair wishes you a very happy and healthy New Year!