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1940′s Fashion

New-Look_Dior_willy_maywald_1947_06 (1)

It’s time for the next part in our mini-series of quick guides to each decade of the 20th century in fashion. We’re moving on to wartime rationing and Dior’s ‘New Look’ in the 1940s. With the outbreak of war in 1939, it became poor taste to look affluent and utilitarian style was not only practical [...]

How to care for vintage clothes

vintage sewing class

The very special items you buy at Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair deserve a little extra tender loving care. From beaded flapper dresses to military jackets to lace boleros, these delicate items have lasted the test of time in both style and durability and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t last longer if they’re looked after [...]

Best Dressed Vintage Weddings

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  1924 Chanel Wedding Dress It’s wedding season! Our weekends are currently booked up until October with visiting every country estate in the UK, clearing John Lewis out of Le Creuset cookware and trying to accessorise our favourite ‘wedding appropriate’ dress in as many ways possible for each wedding. In our opinion, vintage is always [...]

Historical Headlines in August

Alice-Ramsey-passengers-2 (2)

The newspapers usually call August ‘silly season’. It’s the time of year when nothing exciting happens, politics takes a break for the summer, and they’re forced to dig up stories about the weather and cats stuck up trees. We beg to differ though. We’ve opened up our ‘big book of monumental events from the vintage [...]

The History of the Bikini

Ursula-Andress-dr-no (2)

Bikini or one-piece? It’s the crucial decision whilst packing for your holidays this summer. Whilst an all-in-one has been the staple ‘go to’ swimming costume since it was acceptable to flash a bit of ankle on the beach, the bikini was a controversial new rival on the beachwear scene and still remains saucy and stylish [...]

Demains Nails talk Vintage Beauty

Demains Nail Art (2)

Our fairs always promise to be just a little bit more than just a day of shopping. Demains Nails have been indulging our customers in a little r&r at our recent fairs, leaving them going home feeling truly spoilt. Elizabeth van der Lande started deMains Nails two years ago as an online nail polish retailer [...]

Vintage World Record Facts

Elizabeth's Jewels (1)

Every piece of vintage is a piece of history but there are some pieces that are more historic than others. From the most expensive to the oldest and beyond, we’re filling your brain with amazing vintage facts this Sunday to impress your style-loving friends: The richest fashion designer in the world right now is Giorgio [...]

The Vintage Collections 14th September, LFW Vintage Fashion Fair 2014

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Sunday 14th September 11am-5pm £4 entry (£2 with NUS card) To celebrate London Fashion Week, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair returns in September with The Vintage Collections. Our highly regarded vendors have sourced some of the key iconic looks from different eras to illustrate the enduring allure of vintage fashion. Come and shop for pieces that don’t [...]

1930′s Fashion

Ferragamo Shoes (1)

  The Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair blog has been taking our readers through a journey of fashion in every decade from 1900 to 1990. We’ve seen the invention of the zip, trousers for women, motorcar attire and flappers and now that we’ve razzle dazzled you with the decadent twenties, it’s time to move on to [...]

The June Fair Round Up & Vote for Us!

Holly & Friend (1)

We’re all going on a summer holiday! If you missed our last fair of the summer last weekend, you missed out on getting your hands on the dream summer wardrobe. There were swimsuits, straw hats, playsuits and picnic sets and much much more that left our customers walking away with big smiles. Vintage prints were [...]